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Peeling Enzymatic

Fine powder with pineapple stem extract rich in proteolytic enzymes for an oxygenation and deep peeling of the skin.


  1. Softly removes dead skin cells that hinder cellular respiration.
  2. Stimulates cell regeneration and penetration of active principles.
  3. Re-texturizes and smoothens the skin’s texture.


*Wholesale Order - Beauty Salons Only


  • Pineapple Stem Extract: Contrary to common belief, the core function of the proteolytic (destroys protein debris) enzymatic activity is not in the pineapple itself but in the stem which is found just underneath the fruit itself which is rich in proteins and sugar. The stem juice contains bromelase, a mixture of proteolytic enzymes. After centrifugation, the remainder is dried and later grinded to obtain a fine powder.

Mix 10 g of Enzymatic Peeling powder and 30-40 ml of Control Lotion in a bowl. Stir well to obtain a flexible, easy-to-spread mixture.
Apply a thick layer of mixture onto face and neck with a spatula. Avoid the eye contour. Leave it on for 3 minutes.
Remove the product with a spatula and complete cleansing with cotton pads moistened in Control Lotion.
* The peeling mixture needs to be applied immediately once mixed.