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  • 2.7 Kg (6 x 450 g/ Bag)

    HKD $800.00


Premium quality paraffi n for a truly effective moisturising and brightening treatment. It is enriched with 2 unique depigmentation agents (Alpha-Arbutin and White Mulberry), which lighten the skin tone and inhibit the production of tyrosinase. The thermal and osmotic effect of the paraffi n increases blood fl ow and skin permeability to ensure the different active ingredients are absorbed, offering the skin a deep moisturising treatment.


  • The presence of pearlescent pigmentsguarantees hands a healthy and pearly glow.
  • It moistures, regenerates and nourishes eventhe deepest layers of the skin with a uniqueaction.
  • It blends pigmentation spots and lightens theskin tone by making sure its active ingredientspenetrate even the deepest layers.
  • Discover the secret to younger, smoother andsuppler skin

• Alpha-Arbutin

• White Mulberry root extract

• Pearlescent pigments.

  1. Put the Soft Bright Paraffin into the Paraffin Warmer, covered with transparent warmer lid. Turn the power to 9. When the paraffin is melted as liquid, then turn the power to 5.Check the Paraffin temperature before use. Remark: MUST test whether the temperature is suitable for treatment.                                      
  2. Spray the client's hands and your hands with Dermo Spray to remove the cream and impurities and leave the skin perfectly clean.
  3. Apply Dermo Peel and massage until the Joioba spheres disappear completely. Remove the product excess with a tissue. It does not need to be rinsed.
  4. Then apply Depilbright Body Serum and lightly massage until its complete absorption, this product contains the highest concentration of whitening active ingredients to fight against the dark spots and effectively lighten the skin.
  5. Remove the paraffin from the wrist down into the protector bag and discard all used products. Apply Depilbright Body Serum and lightly massage until absorption.
  6. Apply Soft Bright Hand Cream and massage until complete absorption.