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  • 45ml

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Celestial Secret Elixir - Meteorite Essence

With more than 40 years cosmetic experience, the DRV group has sold its products in over 85 countries worldwide.  The leading technology of ANESI Laboratories has allowed the creation of a new and revolutionary concept in anti-aging CELESTIAL SECRET, a global skin care facial treatment that covers all the skins needs, including the most innovative and unique active ingredients (Meteorite Extract and Precious Minerals).  With ANESI your salon can differentiate itself from the rest with more PROFESSIONALISM, COMPETITIVENESS AND PRESENCE.



Today there are numerous anti-aging professional treatments, which without a doubt offer great effectiveness, but they do not always fulfil the expectations of the consumer, which is to recuperate the characteristics of a youthful skin (firm, moist and luminous without the presence of wrinkles).


To cover these needs, constant research and innovation is required, differentiating ANESI from other brands.  As pioneers, ANESI laboratories present a unique ingredient which is beyond this planet, METEORITE EXTRACT.

Celestial Secret Elixir includes maximum concentration of 4 terrestrial minerals and 2 vegetal extracts that help the skin appear firmer and more youthful.

  1. Hematite extract, rich in Iron.  Refills wrinkles from within.
  2. Rodochrosite extract, protects cells against U.V. exposure.
  3. Spilanthes Acmella Flower Extract activates the cell and dermal fibre interaction refilling skin texture and smoothing the skin. 
  4. Beech Bud extract, from the tree that is considered the pearl of youth is a natural agent that stimulates oxygenation to improve moisturization.
  5. Olivine extract, a mineral from volcanic origin promotes anti-stress effects.
  6. Smithsonite extract, rich in Zinc helps reduce the appearance of dark spots.

Use morning and/or night after cleaning and toning. Apply to face and neck with a light massage until absorbed. Follow with appropriate moisturiser. You can also apply afterwards Crème Haute Protection for U.V. protection of the skin.