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Cellular 3 Age Control Regime Coffret

ANESI, always at the forefront in skin care, has created LAB INSTITUTE, a new cosmeceutical range developed in our own laboratories, formulated with bio-technological active ingredients which are biomimetic and encapsulated in liposomes to perform where conventional cosmetic treatments fail.


The first range in LAB INSTITUTE is Cellular 3, which responds in an effective, visible and long-lasting way to the 3 scientifically proven causes of skin aging (glycation, oxidative stress and DNA damage), offering a global beauty solution.


Cellular 3 effectively acts on wrinkles, fades spots, illuminates the complexion, firms tissues, redraws the facial oval and refines skin texture to recuperate a youthful appearance.


Proven results:

Tests carried out with volunteers have shown that 80% noticed a significant improvment, where 93% perceived more elasticity and 82% felt the skin was firmer.   

  • Cellular 3 Peel

      - Nano Hydroxy Acids

        - Keratopeel

  • Cellular 3 Concentrate

      - Progeline

      - Malt Secrets

      - Complex 3GF

  • Cellular 3 Mask

      - Hyaluronic acid with a low molecular weight

  • 3GF Cellular Booster

      - 3GF Complex (GM-CSF, TGFβ, EGF)

  • Cellular 3 Renewal Cream

      - Progeline.

      - Malt Secrets.

      - 3GF Complex.

      - Acmella Oleracea extract





4 sessions for each treatment. 1 session a week for maximizing cellular stimulation and increasing production of new collagen.