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  • 200 ml

    HKD $475.00

Aqua Vital Lotion

Toning lotion for all skin types. Completes the skin’s cleansing process with a refreshing sensation and contributing to the 3D moisturization.


  1. Removes the last traces of makeup remover emulsion.
  2. Toning and refreshing the complexion, maintaining the optimum moisturization level.
  3. Moisturize the skin from the beginning of the treatment.
  • 3D Hydra APS: Latest generation active ingredient for a deep moisturization of the skin. Based on the properties of polarized water, this ingredient is capable of penetrating into the deepest layers of the skin, providing a 3D (dimension) hydration.


  • Celldetox®: Natural active ingredient with detoxifying properties. Boosts the cellular metabolic waste system, improves the skin texture and appearance for a younger and radiant skin.


  • Hamamelis extract: High protective action on blood vessels. Astringent and decongesting properties. Improves the resistance of the capillaries preventing them from breaking.


  • Chamomile extract: Decongesting and anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Ajidew: Physiologic agent, one of the principal NMF´s compositions.

  • DSH CN: Bio-technological mixture between Organic silicol and Hyaluronic acid with agreat moisturizing, regenerating and restructuring action.

Apply morning and night after the cleansing milk Démaquillant Aqua vital. Apply the Lotion AquaVital with a cotton pad on face and neck. Dry with a tissue.