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  • 500 g of 2 Trays

    HKD $340.00

Traditional Shea Butter Wax
(Without Strips Paper)

  1. "Shea Butter" is enriched with butter and therefore contains softening properties.
  2. Recommended for cold seasons thanks to its ultra-creamy texture.
  3. Recommended for normal skins; soft pull in sensitive skins.
  4. Middle drying time.

Melting Point:50℃


*Wholesale Order - Beauty Salons Only

  • Rosin
  • Mineral oils
  • Vegetal oil
  • Titanium dioxide
  • Shea Butter
  1. Prepare the skin before waxing. These products clean and refresh the skin while optimising the adherence of the wax for a better pull.
  2. Apply the wax and slide the spatula downward with firm pressure for a thin, uniform application. Always follow the direction of hair growth. Make sure the edges of the applied wax strip are a little thicker for easier removal.
  3. To remove, peel the bottom edge and pull against the direction of hair growth. Dispose the wax strip.
  4. After waxing, apply soothing effects to bring extra relief to sensitive skins and give a light massage after waxing.