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  • 400 g

    HKD $2,100.00

Depileve Wax Warmer

  1. Small and practical. To quickly melt the wax traditional fair amount, reducing energy consumption.
  2. Transparent lid with side ridge to fit the wax can holder.
  3. Aluminium insert which transmits heat in a optimal and regular way. Wax melting point will be 15 min.
  4. Indicator light showing thermostat operation.
  5. Anti-skid rubber stoppers to avoid the warmer from sliding off the table and give it more stability.
  6. Patented connection design to aesthetically connect with any Depileve warmer.
  7. Independent On/ Off switch.
  8. Easy to clean. does not discolour.


*Wholesale Order - Beauty Salons Only

  • Size: 400g / 800 g
  • Power: 185W-325W
  • Thermostat and Temp.: 40℃-120℃
  • On/Off Switch: 1 Unit
  • Dimensions: 19 x 21 x 20 cm
  • Weight: 870g-1000g
  1. Put the wax can into the Depileve Wax Warmer and lid on the top.
  2. Switch on and turn the power to "9 to 10" 
  3. Wait for wax is completely melted, then turn the power to "4 to 5", check the wax temperture before apply on the skin.